Performance Management in Pakistani Institutions of Higher Learning

An in-depth analysis of existing teacher appraisal systems leading to a proposed "non-threatening" appraisal model

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Accuracy of GPS Precise Point Positioning

A Tool for GPS Accuracy Prediction

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Freedom of Transit in International Investment Law

At the example of BTC pipeline legal framework

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The implementation of Behaviour Management Strategies

Behaviour Management Strategies in Inner-city Schools of London

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An economic analysis of the effects of corruption and the significance it holds in the European Union

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Extracting Systems of Concepts from Text

Automatically Learning Ontologies

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Capital Punishment in the United States

A ''New Abolitionist'' Perspective On An Arbitrary and politicized ''Administration of Death''

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A Novel Enantioselective Synthesis of Spiro-Oxindoles

Analogs of Horsifiline and Spirotryprostatin

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Adult Development: Emergent Wisdom in the Family Context

A Study of the Developmental Experiences of Adults Who Actively Work to Meet Their Child’s Developmental Imperatives

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Temperatures and the growth and development of apple trees

the impact of temperature on apple trees

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